Conference Theme : Advanced Biotechnological and Nanoscience Development & Applications in Food Science Technology

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About EFS-2021

It is with great pleasure and anticipation, BioLEAGUES Worldwide invites all the food scientists, food technologist, food chemists, food engineers, academicians, young researchers, students, business organizations in the field of Food Science and Technology to the EURO Food Summit 2021 scheduled to be held in London during May 20-21, 2021.

Food Industry not only plays a significant role in the world economy but also, it’s one of the dynamic sectors across the globe. Global food industry demands viable and sustainable remedies for the process modernization, food ingredients, food formulation, food investigation and food safety for leading a safe and sustainable supply chain. This occasion focuses on strengthening the food professional community from industry and academia to discuss and escalate the recent development. View More

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Theme of EFS-2021

Advances in nanotechnology and biotechnology have brought benefits in the food industry, with numerous applications yet to be figured it out. Nanotechnology and Biotechnology has just exhibited its pertinence in the zones of food production, processing, packaging, and safety. In spite of the fact that nanotechnology and biotechnology in food industry has advanced, further research is important to expand the quality and quantity in food industry. Specifically, the wellbeing concerns with respect to the utilization of nanomaterials in nourishment. Hence BioLEAGUES takes this opportunity to discuss this on a global platform. The take-up of nanotechnology and biotechnology will cause fast improvement of the food industry with nanotechnology-based nourishments getting more accessible to the buyer.

Objective of EFS-2021

The primary goal is to offer a thought-provoking program which covers the entire spectrum of research & innovations in food science and technology.

To help the delegates to develop further understanding and knowledge on food analytics and help them network with a large group of scientists working in different corners of the world.

It serves as a platform for food scientists, nutritionists, food technologist, food chemists, food engineers, young researchers, professors and students to share their views, research results and conclusions on the current trend in food science, process & technology.

To share the cross-cultural experiences of various principles & practices related to food and address food global issue to meet the need of growing population and challenging lifestyle.

To provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest trends and the potential future in Food Science Technology.

To create an awareness on how certain diseases and conditions are caused by a specific dietary factor namely undernourishment, food aversions, allergies and food reactions.

The Food Conference 2021 will also have a session for research organizations, companies and institutions to present their services, products, novelties and research outcomes.

It also helps the students on gaining a view about the career development and job search in food industry.

Invitation to the conference

Bioleagues worldwide would like to invite you to the Euro Food Summit 2021 at London, UK. We hosted this conference last year at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we are looking forward to hosting this time London.

On behalf of our organizing Committee, we want to make the 2021 EFS Conference in London another memorable event. We look forward to making this not only a learning opportunity at the conference, but also offer a destination where you can unwind and enjoy yourself before returning to work.

Who can attend EFS-2021?

Why to attend EFS-2021?

Interact with eminent international speakers.

Participate in stimulating case discussions.

Join special interest groups

Access new and profound research ideas

Showcase your latest research findings through either the means of an oral or poster presentation.

Connect with top industry experts at the conference.

Make your presence feel at an epoch-defining making conference

B2B meetings with experienced food technologists & food scientists.

Publish your research in world renowned journals such as

  • 1. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology (JPAM)
  • 2. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development
  • 3. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
  • 4. AIMS Public Health
  • 5. International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition
  • 6. Avail opportunities to network and exchange ideas
  • Get inspired towards undertaking professional studies.

    Network with like-minded peers.

    Share your knowledge to enhance the growth in your field.

    Gain recognition & earn a reputation.

    Communicate with industry experts at the Euro Food Summit - 2021.

    EFS-2021 Conference Registration

    Euro food Summit 2021 welcomes the participants to register and attend the two-day interact conference, on 20-21 May 2021 in London, UK. Experts engaged in the field of food;nutrition & its associated field, hurry up to complete the registration process before you miss out the exploring experience of the keynote speakers, presenters.

    EFS-2021 Exhibitor Registration

    To increase your brands visibility, Euro food Summit 2021 provides you a wide opportunity to exhibit your products and organizations by interacting and connecting the target audience.If you are professional in the field of food, nutrition it is the great way in exhibiting and sponsoring. so don't miss out, register now! Click here for Conference Exhibitor Registration and join us.

    EFS-2021 Media Registration

    Journalists writing for industry-specific news and publishing organizations, Healthcare Magazines and Media organizations interested to become a media partner of the conference are welcome to attend Euro food Summit 2021. To register for the Conference as a media representative, please click here to get promoted and recognized in various societies. Enrol and register yourself!!


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